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direct sales and its advantages

Direct selling has long since established itself worldwide as an independent type of business and is already represented in many industries. Direct sales, which is also known as network marketing, describes the personal sale of goods or services to consumers from the immediate environment: family, friends, colleagues, etc. What is crucial here is personal contact and the advisory function - customer service par excellence! And that is the great strength of direct sales, namely customer service. We create something that is no longer possible in the anonymous vastness of the Internet with a lot of personality and transparency.

Direct sales - how does it work exactly?

Imagine that you are an enthusiastic fan of a particular company's products. You think to yourself: “Great - I have to tell my best friend about that. And my buddy. And the family. And the whole world in general.” - and they buy the product based on your recommendation. Happens every day. We all know it.

The difference is, you don't just recommend it, no, you yourself are the seller, building up a customer base and thereby a margin of 30-40%. New customers gained - yeah! So far, so good.

And now imagine that your friend or girlfriend also becomes a sales partner, builds up a customer base and you also earn money from it. And so it goes - up to 3 levels + bonuses!

MIVITA Direktvertrieb

Advantages of MIVITA:

There are many good reasons to become self-employed with mivita. Many consultants answer the question why they chose direct sales at mivita:

  • 20-40% sales margin
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions
  • Earnings up to 3 levels
  • No minimum turnover
  • Free scheduling
  • Working in a team
  • Advertising materials & online shop on request
  • Shipping and returns processing by MIVITA
  • Training in Mallorca

... build a self-determined future for yourself in which you are your own boss.

advantages of direct selling

Direct selling brings the following advantages

  • To earn extra money or increase the family's quality of life
  • To be your own boss with low risk and low investments
  • < li>To work flexibly with free scheduling
  • To have no purchase obligations
  • To be able to start without age restrictions, without previous knowledge or special qualifications
  • Low risk and low fixed costs
  • Because of the high product quality

Does that sound exciting to you?

Then contact us today - we look forward to getting to know you.

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